Trading… it’s a family thing

                    8  – Trading…it’s a family thing In the late 1990’s I pretty much specialized in 1 trade. *If you’re just getting started with trading, take note. You can be a successful trader by specializing in a single trade!) My masterpiece trade was…. Drum roll please… […]

My Moron Move

                    7 – My Moron Move Hey thanks for tuning back in..Here’s a quick recap… It’s 1995, I finally became a successful trader,  and currencies are my thing. But.. like a moron I decide to trade everything I can get my hands on. I lost a […]

The Wheels Fell Off

                    6 – The The Wheels Fell Off Hey thanks for tuning back in…Here’s a quick recap… It’s 1994, I’m married to Lisa, and I’m officially a trader. I’m actually earning a damn good living at this and it’s blowing me away. My golf handicap stands […]

What Could Go Wrong

                    5 – What Could Go Wrong Hey thanks for tuning back in.. Here’s a quick recap… It’s 1993 and my dream of being a full time Foreign Currency Trader was getting closer every day. I studied hard, I learned how to trade, put together a system, […]

My First Trade

                    4 – My First Trade ! Hi, thanks for coming back. Here’s my quick recap. George makes a Billion, Lisa’s paying the bills, Greg has no job, but has big dreams and is determined to become a Currency Trader. If any of that doesn’t make sense, […]

Something Magical Happened

                    3 – Something Magical Happened Welcome back… sorry to leave you hanging Here’s a quick recap… It’s 1992 and I learned of George Soros’s trade that makes a billion dollars shorting the British Pound…I’m determined to learn how all this works. I harass anyone who […]