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1 - I Want To Be A Trader!

I swear it feels like I’ve been staring at the same charts for 25 years

OMG I have!

It was September 20, 1992 -- it was the day I decided to become a trader.

How do I remember that?

I just read about George Soros, and how he made $1 billion from a single trade betting against the British pound.

Wait.. I just did the math… it’s been 27 years! (yes, crap I’m getting old)

When I read the article I immediately knew what I wanted to do… Be a billionaire!

Just kidding. I wanted to be a currency trader (but I wasn’t saying no to the billion)

Let's rewind to 1992…

There was no internet, there was no easy or immediate access to information…

Getting live stock prices or currency rates required a phone call to a broker.

But, as I read and re-read about George (ok if I call him that?), I was amazed that I actually understood his approach … or thought I did anyway.

I was 26 years old, 4 years out of college with a stagnating real estate career.

For the 1st time since graduating, I could actually draw a line between my Macro Economics education, and something in the real world… Currencies Baby!

Young and naive, I was convinced that I thoroughly understood George’s strategy, and was well on my way to becoming the next millionaire currency trader.

I also really wanted to ditch my real estate job, make some income, build a nest egg and create some wealth.

I was instantly drawn to, and fascinated by the idea of making money from the knowledge in my own head, solely by exchanging one currency for another.

Wait .. what.. No product.. No inventory.. No buildings… cool!

That’s it! I proclaimed to Lisa, my then girlfriend and now wife.

I’m going to be a currency trader!

Where to begin?

How do you learn this stuff.. I couldn’t do a Google search...

We were still in the information dark ages.

I tried to contact George directly.

I actually found a phone number for the Quantum Hedge Fund and left a message... I’m still waiting for a call back.

Thinking back… without the benefit of the internet or search engines -  it’s entirely possible I left a message for George at Quantum Cleaning Services. (side note I just looked them up and they have excellent reviews, so if you’re looking to have your carpets steam cleaned...)

I get easily distracted... I know

In any case, neither George from the Quantum Hedge Fund, nor anyone named George from any cleaning service ever called me back.

I didn't give up..

I was determined to figure out how I could learn to be a Foreign Currency Trader.

I made a list…

I hit the phones

I started dialing ..

What happened next will surprise you…

It launched my 27 year career as a trader.

Tune in tomorrow, and I’ll share the 1 shocking event that changed everything.

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