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5 - What Could Go Wrong

Hey thanks for tuning back in.. Here’s a quick recap…

It’s 1993 and my dream of being a full time Foreign Currency Trader was getting closer every day.

I studied hard, I learned how to trade, put together a system, opened an account, put on my first trade... and made a handsome profit.

I was now calling myself a trader.

Granted, most of my friends still had no clue what that meant.. So I continued the charade of letting them believe I was in real estate.

I had proven to myself and everyone who was waiting patiently (Lisa), that I could make money at this.

All I needed to do was rinse and repeat...

It’s 1994..

Orders were still placed by phone, commissions were still ridiculously high and my trades lasted between 2 and 7 days.

So what’s a 28 year old Currency Trader to do with all that free time?

Golf.. and get married.

My handicap has never been lower than it was during that time of my life.

And in the summer of 1994 I made an honest woman out of Lisa my then girlfriend and now wife.

Life was awesome!

The trading was going great, I had tons of free time I was making money..

What could go wrong?

Well since you asked… a lot could and did go wrong..

But you’ll have to tune in tomorrow to find out

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