Shopify Still a Powerful Growth Stock Option

Shopify Inc. (NYSE: SHOP) is a technology company that develops and operates a cloud-based e-commerce platform specifically aimed at small and medium businesses. Its software can be utilized to create digital storefronts, host marketing campaigns, handle payments and inventory, and provide extensive customer relationship management. With an all-in-one solution for smaller businesses that lack capital, […]

JPMorgan is a Stock to Watch in 2021

JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM) is a global financial services company that manages assets worth more than $3.2 trillion. It is involved in investment banking, commercial banking, financial transaction processing, financial services for business, and asset management. In the company’s most recent quarter, it beat analyst earnings estimates by reporting $2.92 per share from […]

TGT Hitting New Records for 2021

Target Corp. (NYSE: TGT) remains one of the most compelling retail stocks for investors, hitting new records in 2021. The stock is already up 10.62% in the year to date, thanks to strong sales and growth data. Here’s why investors should consider it as one of the best stocks to watch in the new year. […]

Trading… it’s a family thing

                    8  – Trading…it’s a family thing In the late 1990’s I pretty much specialized in 1 trade. *If you’re just getting started with trading, take note. You can be a successful trader by specializing in a single trade!) My masterpiece trade was…. Drum roll please… […]

My Moron Move

                    7 – My Moron Move Hey thanks for tuning back in..Here’s a quick recap… It’s 1995, I finally became a successful trader,  and currencies are my thing. But.. like a moron I decide to trade everything I can get my hands on. I lost a […]

The Wheels Fell Off

                    6 – The The Wheels Fell Off Hey thanks for tuning back in…Here’s a quick recap… It’s 1994, I’m married to Lisa, and I’m officially a trader. I’m actually earning a damn good living at this and it’s blowing me away. My golf handicap stands […]

What Could Go Wrong

                    5 – What Could Go Wrong Hey thanks for tuning back in.. Here’s a quick recap… It’s 1993 and my dream of being a full time Foreign Currency Trader was getting closer every day. I studied hard, I learned how to trade, put together a system, […]

My First Trade

                    4 – My First Trade ! Hi, thanks for coming back. Here’s my quick recap. George makes a Billion, Lisa’s paying the bills, Greg has no job, but has big dreams and is determined to become a Currency Trader. If any of that doesn’t make sense, […]

Something Magical Happened

                    3 – Something Magical Happened Welcome back… sorry to leave you hanging Here’s a quick recap… It’s 1992 and I learned of George Soros’s trade that makes a billion dollars shorting the British Pound…I’m determined to learn how all this works. I harass anyone who […]